Some of the things that made the first few weeks of my year awesome!

  1. Reconnecting with Kenneth and getting to know a group of friends who have been instrumental in helping me get out of home, and taking the edge off exercising. In fact, I look forward to gym and muay thai because they are around.
  2. Organising my wardrobe, and making sure anything that I keep/ buy are mostly essentials.
  3. Getting bookshelves installed in my room, and I am excited to start my own library archive. I believe the books I read are a reflection of the person I am, and I’m excited to see, in a somewhat tangible form, the kind of person I am.
  4. Brendan.
  5. Receiving an adorable and sweet ppt presentation from Jade on how to feel better when I was sick. The time and effort she had spent doing all that made me feel all fuzzy wuzzy inside, and really special. (‘:

A shout out to the person, Rebecca who inspired and reminded me that I can do pretty much anything I want in this space! The snippets of her solo travels that she shares on her blog were also the reason why I did my first solo trip last year.