Be quick to forgive if the apology is sincere.

As humans, we are flawed. Sometimes we act out and hurt the people closest to us. We cannot stop that from happening, but we can try to be aware that we have hurt someone who loves us. And like meditation, not berating yourself, but bringing awareness and attention to what you have done. And try to right the wrong.

But not everyone will be in the right headspace to accept your apology. Or your intention to make amends. Some people need time.

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Sometimes, the philosophy/ character of a brand doesnt come through at its inception. Like a child, it needs time to grow into its own.

There are some brands that know exactly what they stand for, what they want to do. But some needs time to figure their paths.

And there are also some who are in denial, and tries to be someone they are not, and its apparent from the conflicting signals they exude.

Its okay to be who you are.

Some of the things that made the first few weeks of my year awesome!

  1. Reconnecting with Kenneth and getting to know a group of friends who have been instrumental in helping me get out of home, and taking the edge off exercising. In fact, I look forward to gym and muay thai because they are around.
  2. Organising my wardrobe, and making sure anything that I keep/ buy are mostly essentials.
  3. Getting bookshelves installed in my room, and I am excited to start my own library archive. I believe the books I read are a reflection of the person I am, and I’m excited to see, in a somewhat tangible form, the kind of person I am.
  4. Brendan.
  5. Receiving an adorable and sweet ppt presentation from Jade on how to feel better when I was sick. The time and effort she had spent doing all that made me feel all fuzzy wuzzy inside, and really special. (‘:

A shout out to the person, Rebecca who inspired and reminded me that I can do pretty much anything I want in this space! The snippets of her solo travels that she shares on her blog were also the reason why I did my first solo trip last year.